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You know exactly how much you paid for your home and the amount that you have spent over the years on upgrades and repairs. So when you are selling your home, you might already have a certain price in mind, keeping in view all the changes and additions you have made. But, before you start planning on how you’re going to spend this expected profit, it’s necessary to get a home evaluation done by a trusted realtor. 

Most homeowners use the terms appraisal, inspection, and home evaluation interchangeably. However, there is a vast difference between these three. Not only are they handled by different professionals, at different times and for different reasons, but they also look at different factors to arrive at different conclusions.

Each of these has a very important role to play in any real estate transaction. Appraisals, inspections & home evaluations generate detailed reports that can be utilized by the seller to establish value as well as set the price. A buyer could get a home inspection done in order to determine what the price of a property is.

A lender would require an appraisal to ensure that they do not approve loans for an amount higher than the property’s worth. A buyer would need an inspection to make sure that the property they are buying is sound. Sellers, buyers, and realtors need a home market evaluation as a basis while setting the market price for a property.


A real estate appraisal is essentially a third-party evaluation and analysis conducted to determine the proper value of a home. It can sometimes be part and parcel of arranging for mortgage financing as well. The appraiser might visit the property during this process, or it could be conducted electronically. The appraiser considers aspects such as the size and age of the home, construction materials, the condition of the home’s exterior and roof as well as various interior spaces and installations etc. They also take into account visual flaws in the property and consider aspects such as proximity to schools and the safety of the neighbourhood etc.

Home Inspection

A home inspection is essentially a detailed visual inspection of the overall structure and components of a home. A buyer generally requests & pays for a home inspection once the seller has agreed to the conditional offer put forth by them. The inspector would conduct a comprehensive inspection of all the accessible areas in order to determine the conditioned of the home, its installations, and systems.

Home Evaluation

 A home evaluation will be conducted by your realtor in order to arrive at the appropriate listing price. He or she will prepare a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for different comparable homes, with similar features. They will then see how your property stacks up against different neighbouring properties. That would become the basis of the listing price they suggest. 

In essence, a comparative market analysis performed by a qualified and experienced realtor is a very good estimate of your property’s current market value. This value would be based on the qualities and features of your home, in comparison to other similar homes that have been sold recently in your neighbourhood, or that are still on the market. 

Free Comparative Market Analysis 

The importance of a home evaluation is something that cannot be overlooked if you want to set the right price for your home. When I conduct a Free Home Evaluation, I can advise you on a number of aspects such as:

  • Closing costs as well as other expenses associated with real estate sales
  • How a bank appraisal works
  • Existing financing options- whether you should get a new mortgage or refinance
  • Tax-related issues
  • Details about building inspections
  • Advice on low-cost repairs that can up the value of your home instantly
  • Tips on how to sell your property for the best price

Without a CMA, you may end up either overpricing or underpricing your home, both of which can have an impact on how quickly your house gets sold. I can provide you with unbiased advice and conduct a thorough Home Evaluation free of cost which can be a distinct benefit when it comes to getting your listing price right. 

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The real estate market is always changing, making it difficult to assess the current value of your home. As a trained and experienced real estate professional, I have the right knowledge and access to the right tools to determine your home's value. What is your home worth in today's market in your area? Let me help!